Mission and History

A social enterprise that advocates for using art and architecture as tools to engage with the local communities

We empower graduate artists and architects who are passionate about sharing their creativity with people, by supporting them to unlock their potential and providing them with a platform to market their works.

Through our exhibitions, seminars, workshops, talks and online events we connect artists and architects with communities, organisations, and decision makers.

We collaborate with universities, companies, councils, NGOs, art centres, festivals, and museums.

Our Vision

A neighbourhoods were the community engagement is the key tools for achieving liveable cities. 

Our Values

Inclusive and Openness: Our places are inclusive of all people around the world.

Cross-generational: Our work embraces the idea of engaging all ages in our activities, and even all of them in one activity.

Every Idea Matters: We believe that creative ideas should be shared- if you draw or design, create or plan, share it with the community.

Caring: Our public space is the living room of our neighbourhood, so together we care about it.


Places of ARcture was founded by Muhammad Achour, an architect who grew up in Aleppo, Syria, where he got his bachelor’s degree in architecture then worked there as a teaching assistant before relocating to Dublin. During his masters studies at UCD in 2016 he fell in love with the idea of community engagement and the search for making better cities, so he founded Places of ARcture which aims to engage local communities with art and architecture. The Syria Architect Art Exhibition was the first event he organized as director of Places of ARcture during DCU refugee week. The second one was a children’s workshop “Play in Architecture”, teaching kids design principles through play in collaboration with timi tenczler at the rediscovery centre, Dublin. On 2020, with the help or volunteers’ artists and architects, he directed and hosted a serious of online events as part of the London festival of Architecture, Digital Program June 2020. delivered a session about architecture for 6th grade class during the Intercultural day at Griffith Barrack’s National School, Dublin. Presented ideas of Rebuilding Syria through a workshop at DCU during the University of Sanctuary Refugee Week event. 

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Our Team

Muhammad Achour Muhammad Achour
Architect, Director of Places of ARcture
Timi Tenczler Timi Tenczler
Actress and Educator, Drama play production

Any Queries?

Give us a call at +353 89 421 0227

We are always here to help the needy peoples any where in the world.