Mahmood Mira

Creative/Art Director

An innovative educator and accomplished art historian, artist administratorhas more than 20 years of experience at some of America’s top arts institutions.

I was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1991, I grew up in a house near my father’s IT service provider office I have fallen in love with art and design since I was 6 years old while using one of my father’s desk computer I learned to draw with Windows Art Application. And at the age of 9, my brother taught me on how to develop my artistic skills through learning on Adobe Photoshop Since then I began my journey with graphic design. Later on, I became qualified to work with a computer store and design CD covers, and at the same time I continued the self-learning phase, Which made me able to move to a new phase in my life by working for a large IT company as a graphic designer Then in an engineering office. In 2010, I started working with several magazines as an assistant art director and graphic designer, such as ShamPost, Alwasila, and Albayida magazine. Skills: I developed my skills and career through passion, self-learning, and practice. I work on Adobe Illustrator – Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Indesign – Adobe Dimension – Cinema 4D Professionally. In 2019, I started working at Genius Group as Creative/Art Director and then my role with them ended in 2020/ In 2020, I Continued the role with a company called Places of ARcture. Then I worked as a Freelance for a while, until I decided to start a company with my friend called root agency which is specialized in digital marketing, branding and visual identity. Using my own slogan “Idea + Look = Clarification …”,and I look forward to become Global.

Some of Works

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