Dania Alshelhawi

Architect, Event production

An innovative educator and accomplished art historian, artist administratorhas more than 20 years of experience at some of America’s top arts institutions.

Dania is a Syrian architect graduated in 2018 from School of Architecture, Aleppo University, Syria. As she believes that working on developing communities starts from the local community level, this inspired her to start her volunteer career at SARC in shelter team in 2019 until now as it is essential for cites which have suffered or suffering from the war. During her senior year, she joined an association called: “Syria Trust for Development” Human development association work with people who are looking to do a positive change in their local communities. Her role was Teaching talented kids the skills of art to improve their talent. She is a member of the Engineers Syndicate as an Architect. she went to several sites to see the construction and restoration works in addition to her participation in some voluntary works such as the restoration of Al-Adiliya mosque. She is also a member of Scout of Syria (Troop 2) – Working on the secondary programs developed by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and the last -one was leadership. -working with girls all year round on SDGs. Participated in most Places of ARcture events, exhibited her art works during Syrian Architects exhibition on February 2019 at Dublin city University, Ireland, also sent her message of building hope for the next generation, by presenting a video message which was shown in Rebuilding Syria workshop at DCU February 2020, she participated in the LFA digital program by joining live from Aleppo to share his message with wider audience around the world, as well as led a team of architects to produce a virtual tour from Aleppo. 

Dania believes that: “to make something special you have to believe it’s special”.



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