Timi Tenczler

Actress and Educator, Drama play production

An innovative educator and accomplished art historian, artist administratorhas more than 20 years of experience at some of America’s top arts institutions.

Timi works as a Montessori teacher and room leader at one of the most prominent early years education centre in Oakmount Créche at University College Dublin. She has a Major Award as a Montessori teacher from Progressive College Dublin.

A Bachelor’s degree as a pre-school teacher from Loránd Eötvös University in Hungary. She started working as a kindergarten teacher in Hungary in 2013.

In her earlier years with her acting diploma from the Academy of Arts of Kaposvár worked in Theatres for many years, this experience helps her to engage in a special way with the children, introducing movement awareness, roll playing, singing, drama, games, among other techniques used to engage the children, making their experience a bit more interesting.

At 2015 in July, she came to Ireland practicing the English language, but Dublin became her home.

 The crèche is an extension to the child’s home, so she makes sure to communicate as much as possible with the parents and develop a relationship with them, without their support it is impossible to have a successful experience with their children.

Not to leave behind her previous life as an actress, she initiated with another teacher from Hungary the Hungarian Irish Theatre group. They have made their own children story as well in 2018.

She believes that children can only really come close to love, mutual trust, understanding, respect, and patience if they enjoy free play and use their imagination, fantasy and curiosity to discover their talents. She considers herself a patient, helpful, energetic upbeat person who is trying to help children with responsibility and care in everyday life.

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